Thursday, November 17, 2022

LSF Medical Solutions won first place and $20,000 for Best Technology in the graduate student/faculty/staff/incubator startup division at the Innovation Challenge Awards event Nov. 16 at MERGE in Iowa City, Iowa.

Seventeen teams in two divisions combined to win $74,500 from the University of Iowa John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (Iowa JPEC). There were 70 applicants with pitches being held Nov. 14 (for graduate students/faculty/staff/incubator startups) and Nov. 15 (for undergraduates).

LSF Medical Solutions features an electronic device called Pneumero that is driven by a cloud-based app to measure airway narrowing in lungs at home, where patients are most comfortable.

Aptafi, a contrast agent that temporarily attaches to the interior of arteries, placed second and won $13,000. Third place went to AugmENT, a company that assists universities for student recruitment and school promotion.

Two undergraduate teams took home first place and both won $5,000. Expeeriant, providing live-in advertising to guests in vacation rental homes, won for Best Non-Technology; Version 5.0, a device to measure the femur’s rotational correction in a reliable way, won first place for Best Technology.

Following is a list of all winners:

Graduate Student/Faculty/Staff/Incubator Startup

Best Technology Awards

First Place                      LSF Medical Solutions                                $20,000

Pneumero is a simple, easy-to-use electronic medical device driven by a cloud-based app that had decades of validation in lung research to sensitively measure airway narrowing, at home where patients are the most comfortable.

Second Place               Aptafi                                                                            $13,000

A next generation contrast agent will temporarily attach to the interior of arteries, can be seen throughout the duration of a procedure after only one injection, and will decrease the amount of contrast that is used and the risk of contrast-induced complications.

Third Place                   AugmENT                                                                  $8,000

Creates a line of surgical simulators and virtual courses aimed at training ear, nose, and throat surgeons. AugmENT's first product is a 3D printed temporal bone model that is made specifically for dissection by medical students. AugmENT's first service is an online course for medical students to receive instruction on temporal bone dissection using AugmENT's 3D printed temporal bone model.

Impact Awards

First Place                      GroupMaps                                                               $2,000

An Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered platform that records group therapy sessions and evaluates them using the clinically validated tools that are used worldwide for quality assurance and improvement.

First Place                      Halide Biologics                                                    $2,000

Optimized protein therapeutics using a novel expression platform that allows for the targeted introduction of synthetic chemical modifications with the potential to improve protein function and pharmacokinetics. 

Third Place                   Solace                                                                               $1,000

Symptom management in patients with serious illness.

Best Pitch

First Place                      Aptafi                                                                              $2,000

Best Social Impact

First Place                      PaniClean                                                                    $2,000

A water tech startup developing energy efficient and cost-effective solutions to remove and convert agricultural pollutants.

Undergraduate Students

Best Technology Awards

First Place                      Version 5.0                                                                 $5,000

A device to measure the femur’s rotational correction in a reliable and reproducible way.

Second Place               Shop SpeakR                                                            $3,000

Voice recognition capabilities for automotive service shop’s service department software.

Third Place                   Student Sublet                                                        $1,500

An online marketplace for college students to market their individual sublease to the public.

Best Non-Technology Awards

First Place                      Expeeriant                                                                  $5,000

Serves vacation rental homes to provide live-in advertising to guests.

Second Place               Layered Art                                                               $3,000

Quality movie replicas and masks that function as masks to be worn, as well set out as decoration.

Third Place                   Hot Squat                                                                     $1,500

A heated cushion that provides portable warmth and comfort.

Best Pitch

First Place                      Version 5.0                                                                  $1,500

Best Social Impact

First Place                      Tag Across America                                          $1,000 – America’s largest game of tag through the use of these custom t-shirts in order to help raise money for children who have lost a parent to cancer and aide their educational future financially.

First Place                      Solace                                                                               $1,000

Aims to remove carbon dioxide from the environment to combat climate change by utilizing the abilities of algae.

Judge’s Choice          IoT Doggie Door                                                    $1,000

Functions include remote locking/unlocking, alerts when the dog needs to come in or go out, tracking when the dog goes outside or comes in when the door is unlocked.

Judge’s Choice          Tee Art Creations                                                 $1,000

Different colored golf tees are placed within a shape at different heights to give depth and visual appeal as a customized art piece.