Iowa JPEC's business consulting program provides strategic management consulting services to alumni and Iowa-based businesses and organizations.This program provides affordable results for clients, while also exposing students to real-world experiences. Student teams, who are led and evaluated by experienced faculty and mentors, create innovative solutions to unique problems for both emerging and established companies.

Our previous clients represent a wide variety of industries, including e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, service, software, and biotechnology. Past projects have ranged from market research, competitive analysis, product development research, revenue stream analysis, marketing and social media plans, international expansion and general business strategy. 

Companies are required to meet with the student teams regularly and provide timely feedback throughout the project.  From this investment, clients receive valuable research, insights and recommendations while providing students real-world business challenges.


This program runs year-round and is structured around three academic course cycles: fall (August – December), spring (January – May), and summer (June-July). Each client project will be worked on for approx. 120-150 hours throughout the course and should be able to be completed within this time.

Consulting services are provided by teams of 3-5 students who are led and evaluated by experienced faculty and mentors throughout the class. The students will communicate with the client regularly to share progress reports and obtain feedback. The course concludes with a final student presentation and written brief to the clients.

This program is offered at no cost to the business. However, each client is expected to dedicate 2-3 hours per week to the student team.

As a client, you will receive the following:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Insights from an expert
  • Student team mentorship from experienced professionals
  • Actionable recommendations

In addition to the services listed above, each client can select one other area of research that will advance their business. Options include:

  • Market trend analysis
  • Consumer behavior research
  • Observational study on customers
  • Social media strategy
  • Marketing/digital marketing strategy
  • Product/service growth strategy


Randy Kies

Randy Kies


“Our team delivered a dynamite, knockout proposal presentation. They hit all our deliverables, specifically providing intelligence on our competitors and they gave us feedback we didn’t have before. That saved us a tremendous amount of time researching since we are an early-stage startup with limited capacities and time.”


Stacie Anderson


"As the owner of a small business with big aspirations, it was extremely helpful to have the business consulting team provide useful insights through their research. Their outside perspective coupled with data they accumulated allowed for Siouxland Magazine to make forward movement at a much faster pace than could have happened otherwise. Highly recommended."

Tracy Erlandson

Tracy Erlandson


“Every week, the students came to me with something new and fun. Their final presentation was right on the money and it provided me a lot of fresh contacts. They put work into it, they had fun with it, and it gave me great, new information I didn’t have to take the hours to put into it.” 


Gaining real benefits

  • Career Development: Develop professional and career skills through experience and application
  • Career Exploration: Experience and evaluate different positions and organizations
  • Competitive Edge: Increase student awareness of internships and employment opportunities available in Iowa
  • Contact with any questions.


Get the help you need

We are always looking for new clients for our students to work with. Our application below is open all year. If our client list is full for the semester, we will keep you on a waiting list for our next open opportunities. Please contact for additional information.