Startup Incubator Charter

Members of Startup Incubator receive unparalleled support in their entrepreneurial journey at the University of Iowa. In turn, they represent Iowa JPEC to the broader campus community with a high degree of professionalism and merit. This agreement outlines the expectations of members in good standing with the Startup Incubator program.


  1. Startup Incubator Weekly Friday Meeting – All current student members* are expected to attend the Weekly Friday Meeting (featuring roundtables, speakers and training) every Friday from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (*Exception for members not enrolled in ENTR 4300)
  2. Weekly Meetings with Mentors (group or individual) 
  3. ENTR:4300 – Each semester, all currently enrolled student members must take ENTR:4300 Entrepreneurship: Advanced Business Planning. ENTR:4300 and ENTR 9800 (graduate level) can be repeated for credit up to six times.
  4. Iowa JPEC and SBDC - In addition, student teams are expected to participate in Iowa JPEC and SBDC sponsored activities including workshops, guest speaker events and networking opportunities.
  5. Networking - Student teams are encouraged to meet and interact with fellow teams and practice the networking skills that are a key part of startup success.
  6. Pitch Competition - Teams are required to participate in designated pitch competitions throughout the academic year and to develop pitching skills.
  7. Academic Progress - Students are expected to maintain an emphasis on academic progress and should not allow involvement in business startup activities to interfere with their studies.


    Bedell Entrepreneurship Learning Lab (BELL) 

    • 24/7 Access to BELL resources
    • Workstations and co-working space (ALL teams)
    • Private office space (SELECT teams based on merit and need)
    • Computers, printers, copier, scanner, and fax machines
    • High-speed internet
    • Wireless internet on first floor
    • Conference and meeting rooms 
    • Business mailing address and mail delivery
    • Self-serve kitchen
    • Bulletin board
    • Business card kiosk

    Mentoring and Support

    • Weekly Friday meetings featuring guest speakers, workshops and training
    • Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas Training
    • Support from Startup Incubator Marketing Agency
    • Access to consulting from experts in accounting, business formation, and intellectual property law
    • Access to funding through competition and awards
    • Listserv access
    • Networking and social events

      *Recent graduates of the University of Iowa are eligible to remain in Startup Incubator for up to one year after graduation as they make their transition to the business community at-large. Note that there are a limited number of offices available for this purpose and it is on a month-to-month basis at the discretion of the university / Iowa JPEC.


    Please review the University of Iowa code of Student Life Regulations found HERE. These regulations as well as the rules outlined below are required of any individual in the Startup Incubator program or in the Bedell Entrepreneurship Learning Laboratory (BELL).


    • NO PARKING at any time; all cars will be towed. All parking spaces are leased by individuals 24/7, including weekends and evenings.
    • ALCOHOL is strictly forbidden on the premises of the BELL.
    • SMOKING: State law and university policy prohibits smoking in all university buildings, including private offices. In addition, smoking is NOT allowed outside of the BELL
    • Fire Safety: Space heaters, open flames/ burning candles, and electrical cooking devices that are designed to heat food and drink (coffee pots, hot pots, hot plates, microwave ovens, toasters, and toaster ovens) are not permitted in the BELL.
    • Emergency Notification: Report fires, damage, or any emergency to Facilities Management ASAP at 319-335-5071.
    • Cleaning and Trash: Remove trash daily. Students are expected to keep their offices clean and trash free. A trash container is available on each floor.
    • Damage: Students are expected to maintain furniture, equipment, and office space in the same condition it was in when they began using it.
    • Alterations: Students shall make no alterations to the space, including painting or construction.
    • Computer Network: Students are required to follow the University of Iowa Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy. A copy of this policy can be found here.
    • Compliance with University of Iowa Staff: Students must comply with all reasonable directives from any university official or member of Iowa JPEC or Startup Incubator staff.
    • Misrepresentation: Students may not willfully misrepresent his or her status or academic performance with the university to University of Iowa officials or anyone, in/out of the university community. Willful misrepresentation includes, but is not limited to, forgery, alteration, or misuse of any university record, form/ document, or of any students identification card.
    • Improper/ Inappropriate Use of University of Iowa Property: Students may not misuse university property or facilities including being in the building after hours without express permission. Inappropriate items are not allowed on university property. Students shall comply with university officials to immediately remove inappropriate items.
    • Good Citizenship Expectations: While participating in activities sponsored by Iowa JPEC, students are expected to observe the university of Iowa Code of Student Life, policies promulgated by the Tippie College of Business, and rules established by instructors and program directors at all times. Disciplinary sanctions for university rule violations committed while participating in programs sponsored by the Tippie College of Business include, but are not limited to, a revocation of Startup Incubator program privileges.

    Facility Access and Policies

    • Keys and ID Cards – Contact for key checkout and swipe card access. Students will be asked to sign a key checkout form and will be charged a $50 deposit and $50 for lost keys or cards. KEYS MAY NOT BE DUPLICATED.
    • Locked Out - If students are locked out, assistance is available during regular business hours at Iowa JPEC, S160 PBB. 
    • Hours – Iowa JPEC staff will maintain posted office hours in the facility. During these times, the building is open to the public.
    • Open Access – Since the building is frequently open to the public, office doors should remain locked in order to secure office furniture, equipment, and any personal property. The University of Iowa is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage relating to any personal property a student has chosen to have on the premises of the BELL.
    • Windows – Windows must be shut when rooms are unoccupied.
    • Expanded Hours for Student Teams - Student ID card will allow access the building 24/7 *Only officially-listed student team members are allowed in the facility during these expanded hours.
    • Kitchen - Students may use the microwave, coffee makers, refrigerator and cabinets and are required to clean up after themselves.
    • Conference Room Reservation - The Conference Room can be reserved by contacting Heavy demand may cause us to prioritize access and restrict casual use.
    • Event Space Reservation - Please contact to reserve any space for an event.
    • Directory Listing - Team member names and room numbers will be listed in the directory on the first floor. Signs are not allowed on office doors – anything and everything is barred.
    • Mail - Any incoming mail will be placed in the mailbox area by the front door. Those with offices, your mailbox will have your business name listed with your office number. MAIL WILL NOT BE KEPT IN A SECURE LOCATION. There is NO outgoing mail service at this time. *US Mail Address: Student Name, 322 N. Clinton Street, Room #_____, Iowa City, IA 52245. Members WITHOUT offices, please use Room No. 400. Note that your mail will be placed in a mailbox marked with the first letter of your business name A-Z. Businesses that start with a number will be in a box marked in the top left corner.

    Off Limit Areas (except in emergency situations)

    • Basement - The basement is off limits, except as an emergency exit or during a severe weather emergency.
    • 2nd Floor Deck - The second floor deck is off limits, except as an emergency exit.
    • Fire Exits - The fire exits are not to be used, except as emergency exits.
    • Lofts - The lofts in the third floor offices are off limits.

    Computer, Network, and Internet Use

    • Information about the University of Iowa’s network policy can be found here.
    • For tech support with hardware, software or network access at the Bedell Lab, contact Stead Technology Services Group (STSG) at 335-0873.
    • Users agree to allow staff to inspect their computer if a virus or system compromise is suspected. The user's network connection may be shut-off by ITS or STSG if a virus or other compromise is detected.
    • Any violation of these policies may result in the user’s network connection being shut-off by ITS or STSG, especially if a virus or other compromise is detected that could cause harm to other computer resources on campus.
    • Student teams that wish to install legally obtained software on UI computers should contact

    Emergency Procedures and Protocol

    • Fire Alarm - In the event of a fire alarm, proceed immediately to the nearest exit.
    • Emergencies - In the event of an actual emergency, call 911 for assistance.
    • Severe Weather - In case of severe weather, move to the center of the building and to the lower level. Avoid areas with glass.

    Facility Maintenance

    • Maintenance - Building maintenance issues should be reported to or call 319-335-1022. If it is an emergency building issue, call facilities management ASAP- 319-335-5071.


    By submitting your electronic signature you are agreeing to the rules and regulations set forth on the previous page. Your signature is an acknowledgment that you agree to follow these rules and agree to the penalties and fines that may be applied if the rules are not followed.