Dimy Doresca

Director of Institute for International Business

Doresca is a Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP), an International Business Specialist and Consultant, and a member on the Iowa District Export Council Department of Commerce. He is the Director of the Institute for International Business, Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa. In the last 15 years, his professional experience includes international market research, doing business overseas, risk analysis, strategic planning, budgeting, financial management, business development and operations, contracts administration and negotiations, claim analysis, and international banking. During his career, Doresca has set many international offices, worked with local suppliers, recruited local representatives, negotiated contracts and terms of payment, and dealt with foreign banks, insurance companies, and foreign government officials in many countries in the Middle East and Asia. Doresca earned a BA in international business from Augustana College (Illinois) and an MS in international affairs from Georgetown University.

Dimy Doresca
MS, international affairs, Georgetown University, 2002
BA, international business, Augustana College (Illinois), 2000
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