Monday, October 16, 2023

Thirteen people will be recognized by the University of Iowa John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (Iowa JPEC) at its Innovation and Entrepreneurship Honors event Oct. 20 at Old Brick in Iowa City.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Honors event began in 2020, acknowledging University of Iowa students, alumni, faculty, staff, and JPEC program participants who have created value through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Here are the 2023 Iowa JPEC Innovation and Entrepreneurship honorees:

John Pappajohn Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year: Jerry Bednyak (BS ‘01) and Eric Vassilatos (BBA ‘01), managing partners, Skybox-Capital

Alumni Entrepreneurial Leadership: John Mickelson (BBA ‘03, MBA ‘07, JD ‘07), co-founder and managing partner, Midwest Growth Partners
Young Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year: Josh Krakauer (BBA ‘12), CEO, Sculpt
Young Alumni Entrepreneurial Leadership: Erica Cole (BA ‘19), founder and CEO, No Limbits
Iowa Innovator of the Year: Howard Urnovitz, PhD, CEO, FBB Biomed
Venture School Business of the Year: Russel Karim, founder, Dhakai, Inc.
Student Startup of the Year: Martell Bell (BS ’19, MS ‘22), founder and CEO, Ignite Consulting
Student Startup of the Year: Jaecee Hall (BA ‘23), founder, Unbreakable Female Athlete
Entrepreneurial Leadership Student of the Year: Robbie Weiland (BA ‘23).
International Entrepreneurship Impact: Dave Okech, founder and CEO, AquaRech LTD
Jacobson Institute K-12 Innovator: Corey Brinkmeyer, Linn-Mar (Iowa) High School

Iowa JPEC Mentor of the Year: Steve Davis (BS ‘01, MS ‘03), president and co-founder, Bio::Neos, Inc.

Iowa JPEC is the hub for entrepreneurial education and outreach at the University of Iowa.