Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Howard Urnovitz, CEO of FBB Biomed, won the $7,500 first prize at the University of Iowa John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (Iowa JPEC) Startup Incubator Summer Track for University of Iowa graduate students, faculty, and staff on July 25 in the Pappajohn Business Building.

FBB Biomed is a biotechnology company that uses genetic sequencing and bioinformatics to diagnose and control disease through ribonucleic acid.

Nine individuals pitched their businesses to a panel of three judges. Three winners shared $15,000, led by Urnovitz.

Placing second and winning $5,000 was Melissa Bates and Pneumero. Winning the third-place award of $2,500 was Kelsey Dawes and Winter Philibert with Vitamin Signature. Pneumero is an electronic cloud-based device that measures airway in the lungs at home. Vitamin Signature will be the first test on the market capable of determining unique nutritional needs at the cellular level.

Iowa JPEC’s Startup Incubator Summer Track for University of Iowa undergraduate students will be held Friday, July 28, at MERGE, Iowa City.

Iowa JPEC is the hub for entrepreneurship education and outreach at the University of Iowa.


Graduate/Faculty/Staff Startup Incubator Summer Track Winners:

First Place            FBB Biomed                    Howard Urnovitz                               $7,500

Second Place      Pneumero                        Melissa Bates                                    $5,000

Third Place          Vitamin Signature           Kelsey Dawes/Winter Philibert       $2,500