Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Rack Light and Wash Wiz shared first place and were both awarded $900 at Startup Games on Oct. 16 in the Paul W. Brechler Press Box at Kinnick Stadium. 

Rack Light is a light that reduces anxiety in the fitness industry; Wash Wiz is a service that creates a more efficient method to do laundry.

Also earning awards were Temp Tape (second place, $750), Rolli Polli (most creative, $250), and Game Place (start it tomorrow, $250).

Temp Tape is a thermometer sticker to measure the temperature of hot beverages and prevent burns, Rolli Polli is a family yard game, and Game Place is an entertainment venue with a focus on community-building through social activity.

Thirty-two ideas were pitched at opening night Oct. 14.

Anna Makarento, freshman. Majors: economics and finance. Tyler Tobin, sophomore. Major: finance. Ben Hammond, senior. Majors: economics and infomatics. Christian Peterson, senior. Major: enterprise leadership, Minor: communications.

RACK LIGHT: Benjamin Lange, freshman. Major: business analytics. Madeleine Humpal-Pash, senior. Major: biomedical engineering, Minors: biology and mathematics. Cole Peterson, senior. Major: finance. Rick Russo, senior. Major: finance. Raffay Malik, sophomore. Majors: marketing and entrepreneurial management.

TEMP TAPE: Bailee Fogle, senior. Major: enterprise leadership, Certificate: event management. Katherine Esquivel, senior. Major: psychology.

ROLLI POLLI: Margaret Kassay, senior. Major: human physiology. Chloe Haertjens, junior. Major: enterprise leadership. Samuel Syracuse, senior. Major: economics. 

GAME PLACE: Ian Greer, sophomore. Major: management and entrepreneurship. Chloe Gray, junior. Majors: marketing and management. Noah Micka, senior. Major: finance. Chase Thurman, senior. Major: exercise management.