Monday, November 8, 2021

OpenLoop, a web-based platform to streamline hiring clinicians to work at different hospital systems, was named Startup Technology Company of the Year as part of the Prometheus Awards presentation on Nov. 4 by the Technology Association of Iowa (TAI). The company was co-founded by University of Iowa graduate Jon Lensing.

The Prometheus Awards acknowledge individuals, companies, and communities impacting Iowa’s technology industry. The Startup Technology Company of the Year is awarded to an early-stage Iowa technology company that demonstrates significant market potential, creativity, and a promising future. OpenLoop emerged for the award over other finalists 3D Health Solutions, Inc., Rantizo Inc., Roboflow, and Skroot Laboratory, Inc.

OpenLoop received this award for its vision and commitment to powering healing anywhere. With telehealth adoption skyrocketing, the industry is forecasted to reach $850 billion in value in the years ahead. Right now, OpenLoop has a huge opportunity to make a positive impact that will bridge the healthcare gap and streamline care delivery for clinicians, providers, and patients alike across the United States.

To visit the OpenLoop website, click HERE.

About OpenLoop
OpenLoop was founded by Dr. Jon Lensing and Christian Williams with a mission to enable healing anywhere by servicing all 50 states nationwide. Growing up in rural Iowa, Lensing’s father was one of the area’s only OBGYNs. People drove from all over the state for their appointments. This problem sparked his passion for improving access to care for everyone.

OpenLoop was created to bridge the care gap and bring healthcare into the home. It is passionate about powering telehealth companies across the United States to expand access to affordable, convenient, and quality care. OpenLoop does this by connecting its network of clinicians with innovative digital health companies, and managing many of the HR and Operations challenges that come with licensing, credentialing, insurance, PC groups and scheduling — all through its SaaS platform.