Grad Student/Faculty Startup Incubator Application

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About Graduate Student/Faculty Startup Incubator

Graduate Student/Faculty Startup Incubator is part of a comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem at the University of Iowa led by the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (JPEC). Dedicated to the success of student startups, Graduate Student/Faculty Startup Incubator offers its members access to an exciting network of campus innovators and successful alumni entrepreneurs eager to share knowledge and resources. Member benefits include dedicated workspace at the Bedell Entrepreneurial Learning Lab (BELL), Business Model Canvas training, coaching, mentoring, access to support in marketing, accounting and business law, and numerous opportunities to compete for funding in pitch competitions throughout the year.

Application Deadline

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Students are encouraged to apply at the beginning of the semester to fully benefit from progressive curriculum.


Any currently enrolled University of Iowa student (graduate and Ph.D.) and faculty member who is serious about starting and growing a business is eligible and encouraged to apply to the Graduate Student/Faculty Startup Incubator. Both individuals and teams are welcome. A currently enrolled graduate student must be the founder or co-founder of the company.

Admission Criteria

The criteria for admission into Graduate Student/Faculty Startup Incubator includes:

1) A clear idea for a business, commercialization desire, or have an active business underway

2) Strong motivation to create and build a successful business

3) Must be currently enrolled in classes at the University of Iowa (graduate student) or employed by the University of Iowa as faculty or professional staff

4) Committed to completing program coursework, attending meetings, and being actively engaged in the cohort

Participation Requirements

To maintain membership in Graduate Student/Faculty Startup Incubator, the following criteria must be met:

1) Regularly schedule and attend bi-weekly and mentor meetings

2) Show progress on the Business Model Canvas, Operations Plan or Growth Plan (depending on stage)

3) Compete in required pitch competitions

4) Actively engage with the cohort

Depending on progress to date, new member businesses will be admitted to one of three Stages, or learning tracks, within the Graduate Student/Faculty Startup Incubator.

Students are formulating and researching an idea for a product or service. They will actively engage in customer discovery, begin the Business Model Canvas (BMC) and participate in group coaching sessions.

This stage is for businesses that have completed the Idea Stage, have a robust BMC and Pitch Deck, and are actively working on scalability (prototype, team recruitment, seed capital). Businesses at this stage are assigned a lead mentor.

This stage is for businesses that have completed the Startup Stage, have a product or service ready to launch or on the market, have acquired their first customers or partner, and are ready to accelerate growth. Businesses at this stage are assigned a one-on-one coach and have priority access to all specialists.

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