Housed in the 10,000 square-foot Bedell Entrepreneurial Learning Laboratory (BELL), the Startup Incubator is an on-campus business incubator for UI student entrepreneurs pursuing the creation of a startup. Members of the Startup Incubator have access to many resources, including office space, access to funding opportunities, and one-on-one mentoring from successful business professionals. Below is a list of student businesses currently participating in the program.

The Abel Table

Xandra McGlasson

Adjustable tables for individual wheelchair users to increase inclusivity when dining with others.

Abel Table

Aurora Sleep Watch

Benjamin Harks

A sleep monitoring watch and active alarm system designed to wake the user at the optimal time in the sleep cycle.

Aurora SleepWatch Logo

Back Home Box

Will Kamentz 

Actively battling homesickness through procured boxes of hometown goods. 

Blue Collar Quality Workwear

Sam Smith

Creating affordable work wear for blue collar workers.

Blue Collar Quality Workwear

Blue Heron 

Tessa Petersen

A health and wellness brand providing nutritional advice, products, and meal plans that steer clients away from diet culture and toward overall health.

Blue Heron Logo


Nicole Williams 

An innovative digital platform that combines the power of gamification with comprehensive music theory education. 

Causally Clipless 

Braeden Harrell, Jennifer Schmidt, Max Pignotti

Providing a safe way to use clipless pedals while cycling for individuals who suffer from foot muscle weakness while maintaining the efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics of standard biking.


Cedar Sales LLC

Jacob Vander Sanden

Cedar Sales is an e-commerce business where we take advantage of sales and bulk discount to get customers their favorite brands for the best prices. 

Cedar Sales logo 2022

Chemdawg's Crypto

Nicholas Piere

An innovative digital platform that combines the power of gamification with comprehensive music theory education. 


Trisha Das and Sophia Claus

Online skincare website that specializes in directing consumers to the science behind formulations and what will suit their skin through a skin quiz.

Face Totes by Olivia Miller 

Olivia Miller 

Face Totes designs hand-painted, customized tote bags, sweatshirts, and stickers. 

Greenpocket Bags  

Tatum Johnson

Foldable, reusable shopping bags that make sustainable shopping easier. 

Green pocket bags


Colin Speikers

All-in-one, white label app solution for gyms to improve the experience for their members. 


Broc Hawkins

An app designed to connect students with peers who share the same hometown or are headed in the same direction in order to simplify travel home on the weekends and on school breaks.

Heartland Pictures

James Altschul, Will Schwarz, Sam Perona

Heartland Pictures aims to be the Midwest's premier film production studio, committed to quality, both behind and in-front of the camera. 

Heartland Pictures

The HIIT Kit

Josh Jackman

Portable high-intensity interval training workout kit designed to give a person everything they need for a HIIT workout but portable enough to transport.   


Anna Miller

A line of prints, jewelry, and clothing.

The Hutch Podcast 

Conor Hutchinson

A podcast platform dedicated to inspiring students and the Iowa community to follow their dreams by highlighting highly successful and highly impactful alumni career stories from all sectors. 

Ink by Chenny

Rachel Chen

A tattoo studio located in Old Town Coralville. 


Leo Myers 

Video games development company that works with the indie developers within the visual novel scene. 

Kuroe Jewelry 

Chloe Haertjens

Luxury online jewelry business. The jewelry is heavily inspired by "nerd" culture such as anime, D&D, manga, etc.



Matthew Louis

Finding the perfect fit for any individual online shopping reducing returns and confusion for companies filling orders. 

Never Held Back Apparel, LLC 

Jackson Kalmar

A line of t-shirts and other "opinionated" clothing designed for car enthusiasts. 

Luto Bins

Alexander Lupa

Customized accessories for the rooms of professional gamers. 

One Up Painting

Alex Bainter

Rentable figurines and characters for use withy tabletop roll-playing games. 

One up Logo

Parking Buddy 

Christian Johnson

A mobile app-based business that facilitates access to real-time parking availability in campus towns. 

Patel Insurance & Co. 

Tanish Patel

Customized, in-house insurance plans for businesses based on their needs and business model. Providing dental, health, automotive, and auto repair insurance.

Patel Insurance Logo

Premier Exterior Care

Gavin Phillips and Carson Houg

Exterior window washing for residential and commercial properties.

Premier Exterior Care Logo Transparent

Prospect Gallery 

Lauren McGovern

Representing local artists of all ages by sparking an interest and passion for visual arts in young students. 

The Purrfect Cup

Sammi deNeui

Combining a coffee shop with a cat cafe, in partnership with local animal rescues. 

The Purrrfect Cup Logo.png

Robinhood LLC

Craig Bantz

We are a multi-faceted wholesale and e-commerce fulfillment company engaged primarily in business-to-business transactions. Robinhood LLC also controls a manufacturing subsidiary specializing in FDM plastic manufacturing of consumer goods. 

Robinhood logo 2022 B

S & P Properties 

Charles Steer

Dedicated to acquiring and transforming properties into sustainable habitats for conservation purposes. 

Seat Stock  

Josh Cohen and Brady Stein

A marketplace to buy and sell student tickets quickly and safely. 

Seat Stock Logo.png

Second Tri 

Matthew Schmidt

Marketplace for used triathlon gear. 


Keegan Fogarty

Solace aims to remove carbon dioxide from the environment to combat climate change by the utilizing the wondrous abilities of algae. 


Speedy Schedules

Aly Bishop

An auto parts comparison website that saves mechanics time when searching for parts, linking mechanics directly with part distributors. 


Tag Across America

Jack Bradley

TeeTag has a mission to create the largest game of tag through the use of custom t-shirts as we raise money for education funds to help support kids who have lost a prevent to cancer. 


Tee Tag

Team Up 

Seif El Deen Gaber 

An agency management software platform designed specifically for the unique communication and management needs of real estate professionals. 

University Scooters

Tyler Persinger

University Scooters is Iowa City’s original scooter shop. Our goal is to embody the “anti-dealership” experience and offer moped and scooter sales and service without the hassle, fees, or typical runaround. We are 100% staffed by University of Iowa students. 

Vertical Growth Gardens 

Alexis Huscko

Vertical Growth Gardens aims to turn warehouse space into indoor aeroponic gardens and to educate people to cook delicious, nutritious food.. 


Ahmed Hamad and Idriss Abdullahi

VitaRenova is a recycling and waste management company which offers educational services and environmentally friendly products through an online platform. Focused on making recycling management more efficient 



Jordan Walters

WALT creates suppressors that attach on shotguns to combat hearing damage among hunters. 

Wellness Wear 

Simon Glazer

A clothing brand that promotes mental health in a stylish way, as well as creating communities and support groups for people who like they do not have a community currently.