Housed in the 10,000 square-foot Bedell Entrepreneurial Learning Laboratory (BELL), the Startup Incubator is an on-campus business incubator for UI student entrepreneurs pursuing the creation of a startup. Members of the Startup Incubator have access to many resources, including office space, access to funding opportunities, and one-on-one mentoring from successful business professionals. Below is a list of student businesses currently participating in the program.


Reed Adajar, Carson Lovig

Actively is an app that creates a social media platform which allows players to find the perfect opponents for their favorite sports. 



Audio By Andrew

Andrew Johnson

A DJ and emcee business that specializes in weddings.

Audio by Andrew Logo (Black)

Callisto Vision

Cole Peters

Callisto Vision is an app that features the implementation of augmented reality, which would allow the user to follow a step-by-step virtual guide to assemble real world kit-form objects using camera recognition and image/video tracking.

Callisto Vision logo


Nikhil Herdt, Ashwin Dervesh

Casmium is an app that provides baseball and softball analytics to teams and individuals. The user uses the app to collect in-game data and then view that data at a later date on Casmium's website.

Casmium logo

Cedar Sales

Jake Vandersanden

Cedar Sales is a company that sells Nike products on online platforms like Amazon. 

Cedar Sales logo 2022

ChordaWorm Lures

John Hatfield

ChordaWorm Lures is a company that sells bait that prevents tearing through soft plastic fishing lures

ChordaWorm logo

Chums Ride

Juanxi Xue

Chums Ride is a website that provides long-distance carpooling matching services for college students.

Chums Ride logo


Nicholas Shadid, Joseph Donzelli

An online service that enables any golfer to browse an assortment of golf clubs from the biggest brands and individually select what they want to play on a rental basis.

Clubby logo


Henry Gramstrup, Aaron Fink

Frnish is a leasing company that furnishes off-campus housing for students above freshman year.

FRNISH Logo (Color)

Greenpocket Bags

Tatum Johnson

Greenpocket Bags gives college students quick, convenient access to reusable shopping totes to reduce plastic waste in residence halls.

Greenpocket bags logo

Local Shore Shrimp

Jared Sherwood

An Organic shrimp farming indoors in the Iowa City area to directly service restaurants, and individual customers with fresh shrimp.

Local Shore Shrimp

Necklace Vault

Anthony Collins, Reid Carter

Necklace Vault is a product that allows people to easily store their jewelry anywhere without getting it tangled.

Necklace Vault Logo (Color)

Paradise Properties

Piper Watson

Paradise Properties is a business that consists of multiple themed Airbnb’s that provide a unique Airbnb experience unlike any others. Paradise Properties also offers event planning services.

Paradise Properties logo


Ryan Gudenkauf

PTXtension is a mobile app aimed at improving patient accountability and boosting the success and cost effectiveness of physical therapy.

PTXtension logo


Kristoffer Poole

Renovaré believes in empowering marginalized populations. We do so through mutual learning and partnerships, taking the form of providing dignity, job skills, and employment in the creation of exquisite candles which shape atmospheres of renewal, refreshment, and relaxation.

Renovare logo

Robinhood LLC

Craig Bantz

The business model of Robinhood LLC is largely centered around "retail arbitrage", or the buying of goods and/or services at a discount. The products are purchased from online and office retailers and resold online for a profit. 

Robinhood logo 2022 B

Simple Studios

Jordan Walters

A pancake catering business serving University of Iowa students and the Iowa City community.

Simple Studios logo

Skunk Aid

Nicole Relias

Underdog Products is the originator of Skunk Aid, an all-in-one de-skunking kit that provides pet owners with everything needed to remove skunk oil from their dog.

SkunkAid logo

The City: Off Campus

Sammy Sommerfeld, Jack McFarland

The City: Off Campus is a sports podcast, which focuses on discussing and debating Iowa Hawkeye athletics and Chicago professional sports teams topics. This podcast also features exclusive interviews with guests who are sports business and sports media professionals, current and former college and professional athletes, as well as up-and-coming journalists.

The City Off Campus logo

Urban Wave Embroidery

Sabrina Shaw

Urban Wave Embroidery is a company that provides custom embroidery to the Iowa City area on a variety of mediums (sweatshirts, T-shirts, towels, etc...).

Urban Wave Embroidery logo