Housed in the 10,000 square-foot Bedell Entrepreneurial Learning Laboratory (BELL), the Startup Incubator is an on-campus business incubator for UI student entrepreneurs pursuing the creation of a startup. Members of the Startup Incubator have access to many resources, including office space, access to funding opportunities, and one-on-one mentoring from successful business professionals. Below is a list of student businesses currently participating in the program.


Raffay Malik

AesthetixMe is an online luxury gift shop which lets people customize their photos and turn them into magical looking art to decorate their homes of gift someone.




Jon Barnes

ARBLU strives to eliminate the hassle and frustration that comes with snowboarding on the mountains by developing the ‘CatWalk King.’ This device will assist snowboarders in maintaining their momentum on the flat sections of each mountain. 


Cedar Sales

Jake Vandersanden

Cedar Sales is an e-commerce business where we take advantage of sales and bulk discount to get customers their favorite brands for the best prices. 

Cedar Sales logo 2022

ChemoCare Solutions

Madeleine Humpal-Pash

A web-based application to increase exercise compliance for physical therapy clinics. Patients are provided sample videos of their exercises, a checklist to record their progress, and text reminders through a personalized account. 

ChordaWorm Lures

John Hatfield

Fishing lure company that creates the world’s strongest lures. 

ChordaWorm logo

Indya Heart Studios, LLC

Indya Smith-Johnson

Indya Heart Studios offers customizable handmade ceramic mugs that are heart crafted to celebrate the diverse LGBTQIA community. 



Ryan Gudenkauf

A web-based application designed to increase exercise compliance for physical therapy clinics. Patients are provided sample videos of their exercises, a checklist to record their progress, and text reminders through a personalized account. 

PTXtension logo


Sebastian Olmos

Reference is a mobile application to categorize and reference a transcribed version of your saved videos and posts from social media to easily access when the time is most applicable to your everyday life. 

Robinhood LLC

Craig Bantz

We are a multi-faceted wholesale and e-commerce fulfillment company engaged primarily in business-to-business transactions. Robinhood LLC also controls a manufacturing subsidiary specializing in FDM plastic manufacturing of consumer goods. 

Robinhood logo 2022 B


Jack Bradley

TeeTag has a mission to create the largest game of tag through the use of custom t-shirts as we raise money for education funds to help support kids who have lost a prevent to cancer. 

Tee Tag


Conner Boerm

TeleNu is a telemedicine based nutritional care program centered around current and remission cancer patients. Employing licensed nutritionists, custom diets will be created for each patient which is more effective treatment/preventative action than drugs. 


Unbreakable Female Athlete

Jaecee Hall

Cultivating an empowered group of female athletes around the globe united under one message: unbreakable. 

University Scooters

Tyler Persinger

University Scooters is Iowa City’s original scooter shop. Our goal is to embody the “anti-dealership” experience and offer moped and scooter sales and service without the hassle, fees, or typical runaround. We are 100% staffed by University of Iowa students. 

Urban Wave Embroidery

Sabrina Shaw

High quality apparel company helping customers express their unique style and brand by designing and creating small batch custom embroidered products.  

Urban Wave Embroidery Square

Venture Goggles

David Torrence

Coming soon is the creator of stylish swimming goggles. We combine the aesthetically pleasing aspects of sunglasses with the functionality of swim goggles.

Walters & Co.

Jordan Walters

Walters & Co. creates suppressors that attach on shotguns to combat hearing damage among hunters.