Ziguinchor, Senegal


Sylvie Reine Manga (Assekh) is the founder of Assekh “Savourons les merveilles de nos terres." Sylvie has experience in women’s empowerment, social media peace advocacy, and public action in different cultural settings. Sylvie’s goal is to become a creator of jobs and opportunities, especially for young people and women. She has been making locally sourced frozen potatoes readily available to her community to compete with imported options. This achievement is a great pride for Sylvie and a great step forward in her personal desires to contribute to the development of agriculture and improve the well-being of producers, especially those in the Casamance. For the next ten years, Sylvie hopes to be an agribusiness leader in Africa by setting up an agro-food production unit and a chain of local food distribution stores. This unit will help to enable producers in Senegal to find an outlet for their production, which is the main difficulty they encounter. Sylvie also hopes to work with local partners to promote local consumption. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Sylvie plans to put into practice all the knowledge received in her venture to set up her production unit. She will share all these achievements with her collaborators, young people, and women to transfer these skills to her community.


Master's degree in Impact Assessment of Development Policies - Assane SECK University of Ziguinchor