Maseru, Lesotho


Poelo Monyau holds a Permaculture Certificate and has over five years of experience in permaculture design and design course facilitation. He is the Co-founder and Co-director at Green Revolution Lesotho, a company that focuses on land regeneration and sustainable food production through permaculture design. Through permaculture, Poelo aims to introduce and educate subsistence and commercial farmers to transition to a more sustainable way of producing and processing food. He is a member and collaborator at Selemela Learning Networks, set up in Lesotho to support the Ministry of Education and Training to bridge the visible education gaps by offering custom education technologies. He is also a Peace Agent under the Global Peace Initiative. He has in the past engaged in offering free training to underprivileged communities, particularly engaging in creating a permaculture design for a vocational school for vulnerable girls, which ended in planting a garden at the vocational school. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he plans to take advantage of the networks and grant opportunities that come with being an alumnus and using them to propel his mission of creating sustainable food production communities.


Permaculture Certificate - Hope Permaculture Institute