Friday, July 30, 2021

Sprayer Mods, an attachable sprayer that uses a camera to detect weeds and minimize herbicide costs for farmers, won first place and a $3,000 award — as well as a $500 Customer Discovery Award — at Hawkeye Startup Accelerator Final Pitches on July 30 at MERGE in Iowa City.

The Sprayer Mods team includes Holly Bennett, Blake Espeland, and Benjamin Lange.

Coming in second and claiming a $2,000 award was Thuy Nguyen and Optic Origin, LLC. Optic Origin, which also received a $500 Best Pivot Award, is a vision-solution company with a mission to help underprivileged communities.

The $1,000 runner-up award went to Daniel Fleming and Neuro Buddy. Neuro Buddy is producing natural supplements to help cognition, memory, and brain health.

A $1,000 Insight Award went to Nicholas Shadid and Joseph Donzelli of Clubby. Clubby is a subscription-based golf rental service. A $500 Impact Award went to Anthony Pamatmat and Hardik Kalra of Pneumero. Pneumero is developing a monitor that provides high resolution clinical information to doctors from a distance.