Friday, March 1, 2019

Health Initiatives IdeaStorm | February 11 | Sponsored by Jay Greenzweig and family
Students shared ideas that aim to help create a better well-being through health care innovation

1st Place, $500 | Scott Tribbey (Entrepreneurship & Business) for Spine Buddy, an improvement to existing scoliosis braces that provides a way for adolescents to feel comfortable in their braces while actually improving their spine.
2nd Place, $400 | Grace Kim (Pharmacy) for a comprehensive medication information program to serve the population with limited language proficiency. 
3rd Place, $300 | Dylan Schreder, also awarded People's Choice and an additional $150 (Business) for an automated drone to dispatch directly to emergency situations, asses triage and provide support.
4th Place, $200 | Rachel Cron (Engineering) for an app that updates a device's dictionary to include medical terms and acronyms that autocorrect doesn't "fix," saving time and reducing stress.
5th Place, $100 | Christian Jacoby (Pre-Business) for Emport, an emotional support for the suicidal, emotionally worn, and distressed that creates a community based application where members can share, collaborate, and support one another while being monitored by the suicidal support line for any concerns.  

Creative Concepts IdeaStorm | February 12 | Sponsored by Don & Madelyn Schoen
Students shared ideas related to innovation through art, design, history, music, literature, and more.

1st Place, $500 | Lance Junck (Business & Theater) for Open Mic, an online platform that directly connects theater teachers with emerging playwrights looking to get their works produced.
2nd Place, $400 | Alejandro Carasco (Liberal Arts) for an organization that helps patients with mental health issues cope through art and music.
3rd Place, $300 | Autumn Dickholtz (Enterprise Leadership & Event Planning) for Cloud Composer, which combines the use of Al technology with recording devices to allow everyday people to compose their own songs without the use of an expensive studio.
4th Place, $300 | Emma Killian (Liberal Arts) for Inspo-Paper, a wallpaper to help with mental health.
5th Place, $100 | Sarah Lehman (Liberal Arts) for a catching machine that one can pitch a softball/baseball to and it will throw it back.
People's Choice, $150 | Zoe Purcell (Environmental Policy, Entrepreneurial Management) for a sustainable living app that identifies harmful ingredients to the environment and provides alternatives. 

Common Good IdeaStorm | February 13 | Sponsored by Michelle Bates & Ann Camblin
Students shared ideas that inspire change through social and sustainable solutions that benefit the common good.

1st Place, $500 | Andrea Ford (Enterprise Leadership) for a mental health and addiction center, to acquire a warehouse space to not only house the homeless but have store fronts on the bottom level to provide skill training for them as well. 
2nd Place, $400 | Marisa Mueller (Biomedical Engineering) for Portable Power, which brings clean water and power to third world countries and can be used to power medical devices out of vehicles, thereby creating portable medical clinics which could service rural communities. 
3rd Place, $300 | William Garrison (Social Justice) for Elated Youth Project, a homeless nonprofit to get youth off the streets and to a safe, loving environment. Focused on the LGBTQ youth. 
4th Place, $200 | Riley Kniptash (Environmental Science) for Hydro Pitch, a more efficient was to water field hockey turfs.
5th Place, $100 | Trent Katz, also awarded People's Choice and an additional $150 (Finance & Management) for a recycling bin that counts how many bottles/cans have been received. The app also links with local companies to offer discounts once enough energy is saved. 

Consumer Solutions IdeaStorm | February 14 | Sponsored by Curt & Nicole Strait
Students shared ideas that explored solutions to everyday problems through new products or services.

1st Place, $500 | Bryce Prokof (Journalism, Entrepreneurial Management) for Amateur Caddie, a golf accessory organizer that clips to the outside of the golf bag to allow easier access to the essentials a golfer needs during their round. 
2nd Place, $400 | Daniel Henandez (Sports & Recreation Management) for Politicscope, a platform that allows insight into political candidates and their history. Features national and local incumbents, a track record of the professional career and candidates, links to voting sites, and an unbiased reputation scale. 
3rd Place, $300 | Lance Junck (Business & Theater) for Clean Slate, an online media service to help the user quickly clean off any questionable content from social media in order to appeal to future employers. 
4th Place, $200 | Mackenzie Simonsen (Liberal Arts) for rubber based polymer to fix potholes, a liquid to solid to create lasting fills.
5th Place, $100 | Madison Flinn (Enterprise Leadership) for Campus Table. a subscription based company where students can eat a home cooked meal in various homes without cooking themselves, buying groceries, eating alone, and reducing leftovers. 
People's Choice, $150 | Daniel Machlab (Computer Engineering) for Graze Pay, an app that allows customers to pay at local restaurants instead of waiting for the check.

Congratulations once again to everyone who competed in these competitions! The next IdeaStorm will take place the fall 2019 semester.