Thursday, March 28, 2019

On March 26 and 27, the University of Iowa’s John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (Iowa JPEC) had the pleasure of hosting its annual Business Model Competition (BMC). 41 student teams competed in the two day competition and $50,000 was awarded in cash prizes. A BMC allows students to present their business to judges for the opportunity to win seed funding. This competition is based on the methodology of the Business Model Canvas, and requires that companies tell their story beginning from the idea stage, including pivots along the way. This two day competition allows businesses to compete with others that are at the same level as their own. This competition was co-sponsored by Iowa JPEC and the Sparks Family Entrepreneurial Fund. 

Congratulations to the following winners from the 2019 Business Model Competition:

Day 1 Winners:

  • $2,500 and advancement to Day 2 -- Brendan McCormick (Management and Marketing, Spring 2019) for Tiny Baker
    • Tiny Baker creates single-serving muffin mixes that can be made in under a minute. All you have to do is dump the mix in a mug, add two tablespoons of water, microwave for 40 seconds, and you have a sweet eat that can be enjoyed for a quick breakfast, snack, or late-night treat! 
  • $1,000 -- DeFoggles
  • $1,000 -- Prairie Rose
  • $1,000 -- Avarupt
  • $750 -- LevelUp
  • $750 -- TYLT 
  • $750 -- Mobile Pharmacist

Day 1 Additional Awards (winners of $350 each): 

  • Most Promising Idea: Apollo Med
  • Largest Impact: Fusion Analytica
  • Best Social Impact: Box of Happiness
  • Best Potential Consumer Value: Biz 2 Build
  • Greater Good: Storm Sentinal
  • Most Passionate Pitch: Customize Your Automobile

Day 2 Winners: 

  • $10,000 -- Mahdi Eghbali (Ph.D. Economics, Spring 2021) for VerdiLife
    • VerdiLife strives to make the Earth a healthier planet by replacing harmful agro-chemicals with allnatural solutions. They produce “wood vinegar”, a 100% organic fertilizer and pesticide, from woodwaste via a unique environmentallyfriendly technology with no emissions and zero pollution. VerdiLife was our overall winner of the BMC.
  • $5,000 and advancement to the IBMC -- Asonus Tech
    • Asonus Tech LLC is developing an application for smart devices that alert those who are hard of hearing of important noises (doorbells, smoke sectors). Asonus Tech was our day 2 runner up, and was selected to advance to the International Business Model Competition to represent UI. The overall competition winner, VerdiLife was inelgible to move on to the IMBC as they have participated in this competition in the past
  • $5,000 -- In2 Notebooks
  • $5,000 -- Tiny Baker
  • $2,500 -- Funny Nuggets
  • $2,500 -- Graze Pay
  • $2,500 -- No Limbits
  • $2,500 -- Students Care

Day 2 Additional Awards (winners of $1250 each):

  • Best Social Impact: Clean River Solutions
  • Best Retail Product: Elevated
  • Best Lifestyle Business: A2 Services
  • Best Pitch: Funny Nuggets

Thank you to our Day 1 judges, Tracy Fuller, Will Monk, and Steve West, and Day 2 judges, Thomas Harter, Zach Davis, and Jennifer Horn-Frasier.