IdeaStorm is an entry level pitch competition across the University of Iowa campus that encourages students to share innovative ideas with others while familiarizing themselves with the pitching process. Students submitted a 1-2-minute video describing a problem they see and how they plan to solve it. A panel of judges reviewed these videos and selected winners for each category. Find the winners for each category below.

Health Initiatives Winner

Competition focuses on new solutions to healthcare problems. Ideas may focus on a variety of aspects of healthcare, including mental health, dentistry, pharmacy, patient experiences, health outcomes, medical devices, public health, and more. Congratulations to the finalists.

1st Place, $800 | Carter Westlake (junior, graphic design) | Watch Pitch 
COVID-19 testing app

Creative Concepts Winners

Competition focuses on sharing new ideas within the world of art. Ideas may focus on a variety of creative mediums such as fine arts, fashion, music, history, literature, and more. 

1st Place (tie), $500 | Nicholas Ellis (junior, communication studies, entrepreneurial management certificate) | Watch Pitch 
Band Mix -- social media app for musicians to find other musicians to collaborate with

1st Place (tie), $500 | Matilda Mel (senior, communication studies, entrepreneurial management certificate ) | Watch Pitch 
Book Club -- social networking site for readers

Common Good Winner | People's Choice Winner

Competition focuses on making the world a better and more sustainable place. Ideas may be connected to eco-friendly, sustainability, social justice, crisis management, natural disaster solutions, and much more.

1st Place, $800 | Josette VenHorst (senior, enterprise leadership) | Watch Pitch
 Pop-up service for homeless for meals and job skills assistance

Consumer Solutions Winners

Competition focuses on innovative solutions to everyday problems. The range for this competition is wide, and covers food products, household goods, living essentials, travel, technology, and much more.

1st Place, $800 | Ryan Howell (freshman, business) | Watch Pitch 
Welding instruction
2nd Place, $400 | Ella Doolittle (junior, art, informatics, Latin | Watch Pitch 
Study app for students with attention issues


Interested in participating in the next IdeaStorm? Check back in early spring for more information.