The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management teaches the fundamentals of business while placing emphasis on entrepreneurship theory and practice. The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management is a resume-booster open to all undergraduate students at the University of Iowa

This certificate is available on-campus in Iowa City, as well as online through UI’s Distance and Online Education.


To earn the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management, students must successfully complete a minimum of 18 semester hours of course work and maintain a minimum 2.00 GPA in all course work. Students interested in pursuing the certificate should start with ENTR:2000 (06T:120) Entrepreneurship and Innovation; this class is open to students who have completed 30 semester hours. Non-business students are required to take ENTR:1350 (06T:050) Foundations in Entrepreneurship, or its equivalent, either prior to, or concurrent with, ENTR:2000 (06T:120) or ENTR:3520 (06T:125).



Complete One of These:

Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTR:2000)

Students should start the certificate with this course. Integrated, cross-functional perspective on how organizations identify and evaluate opportunities and develop strategies to compete in a global marketplace; innovation and creativity, opportunity recognition, venture screening, characteristics of successful entrepreneurial leaders, feasibility analysis, and strategic business planning; application of entrepreneurship practices for new business creation, corporate venturing, and nonprofits. Duplicates ENTR:3520 and MGMT:3100. Corequisite: ENTR:1350. (3 s.h.)

New Ventures in the Arts (ENTR:3520)

Arts administration principles and trends as applied to creation of an arts-related enterprise; case studies; students create business plan for a new arts organization. Duplicates ENTR:2000 and MGMT:3100. Corequisites: ENTR:1350 or (ACCT:2100 and MKTG:3000). Same as DPA:3520, INTD:3520, THTR:3520. (3 s.h.)

Complete All of These:

Entrepreneurial Finance (ENTR:3100)

Understanding financial aspects of new and growing ventures; focus on preparing financial projections, analyzing financial performance, managing cash flow, and determining financial feasibility; detailed overview of various sources of capital available for startup and growing ventures. Prerequisite: THTR:3520 or ENTR:2000 or MGMT:3100. (3 s.h.)

Entrepreneurial Marketing (ENTR:3200)

Practical marketing concepts for evaluating the market potential for new products, services, or business opportunities; how to obtain and evaluate market data, determine customer demand, analyze the competition, design effective promotions, develop and implement effective sales strategies, and write a successful marketing plan. Prerequisite: MGMT:3100 or ENTR:2000 or THTR:3520. (3 s.h.)

Managing the Growth Business (ENTR:4400)

Preparation to effectively manage employees, customers, and suppliers; leadership for a growing entrepreneurial venture; opportunities to evaluate, practice, and refine critical professional management skills. Prerequisite: THTR:3520 or MGMT:3100 or ENTR:2000. Requirement: 75 s.h. earned. (3 s.h.)


Complete 6 s.h. from these:

Entrepreneurial Experience (ENTR:2800)

Applied learning course designed to enhance innovation and opportunity recognition skills, develop customer discovery expertise, and foster team-building and leadership abilities. (1-3 s.h.)

Practicum in Entrepreneurship (ENTR:3000)

Applied, experiential learning opportunities designed to foster development of entrepreneurial leadership skills; opportunity recognition and assessment, strategic business planning, innovation and creativity, team leadership, professional communication skills, strategy development and execution. (1-3 s.h.)

Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (ENTR:3400)

New technology innovation and commercialization; technology innovation process, identification of commercialization strategies, feasibility analysis, and intellectual property issues. Prerequisite: ENTR:2000 or THTR:3520 or MGMT:3100. (3 s.h.)

Social Entrepreneurship (ENTR:3500)

Introduction to the growing field of social entrepreneurship; creation of ventures with dual missions of social benefit and return on investment; issues related to evaluating market opportunities; acquiring and managing scarce resources; sustainability; maximizing social and economic value. Prerequisite: MGMT:3100 or ENTR:2000 or THTR:3520. (3 s.h.)

Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I (ENTR:3595)

Operational and financial aspects of nonprofit management; mission and governance of organization; strategic planning for effective management, including finance, budget, income generation, and fund raising. Same as MGMT:3500, MUSM:3500, NURS:3595, RELS:3700, SSW:3500. (3 s.h.)

E-Commerce Strategies for Entrepreneurs (ENTR:3600)

E-commerce opportunities and Internet business strategies for entrepreneurial ventures; how to develop effective web business strategies, latest technologies and trends in e-commerce, methods for maximizing traffic, and the impact of a company's website. Prerequisite: ENTR:2000 or MGMT:3100 or THTR:3520. (3 s.h.)

Sustainable Product Innovation and Management (ENTR:3700)

Sustainability requirements in management of new product and process development from the perspective of the senior-level executive responsible for a firm's business and operational strategies; student teams will develop a new sustainable product or undertake applied field study projects to gain firsthand experience with sustainability practices and strategies within a company. Prerequisites: ENTR:2000 or ENTR:3520 or THTR:3520 or MGMT:3100 or MKTG:3000. Requirements: 60 s.h. earned. (3 s.h.)

Topics in Entrepreneurship (ENTR:4000)

Real estate and property issues facing the entrepreneurial venture; real estate development, legal and contractual issues, purchasing versus leasing, and basics of real estate financing and investing. Prerequisite: MGMT:3100 or THTR:3520 or ENTR:2000. (1-3 s.h.)

Directed Readings in Entrepreneurship (ENTR:4050)

Independent study; topics and assignments approved by instructor. (arr.)

International Entrepreneurship and Culture (ENTR:4100)

International entrepreneurship and business strategy, foreign exchange, tariffs and trade, microfinance, economic conditions and culture of destination countries; students will travel abroad and have hands-on experience working with in-country entrepreneurs, and will analyze international businesses; focus will be on evaluating entrepreneurial opportunities, identifying sustainable growth strategies, and understanding international business culture. Prerequisite: ENTR:2000 or MGMT:3100. Requirement: junior standing. (1-3 s.h.)

Entrepreneurship: Business Consulting (ENTR:4200)

Students provide strategic business consulting services to startup and early-stage companies; exploration of consulting process (proposal development, data collection and analysis, team dynamics, communications with clients, developing recommendations, and final report preparation and presentation); projects involving market research and analysis, financial analysis and projections, and strategic business and operations planning. (3 s.h.)

Entrepreneurship: Advanced Business Planning (ENTR:4300)

A hands-on entrepreneurial learning experience, ENTR:4300 students participate in the Iowa JPEC Founders Club program, where they take steps to create and launch a startup. Key skills learned include how to deliver an elevator pitch, formulate a business plan, create a pitch deck, and present to potential investors.  (1-3 s.h.)

Professional Sports Management (ENTR:4450)

Detailed study of professional sports management and marketing; building and managing a front office, marketing sports properties, revenue generation models, developing media relationships, and capitalizing on new opportunities in the sports industry. Prerequisite: ENTR:2000 or THTR:3520 or MGMT:3100. (3 s.h.)

Entrepreneurship and Global Trade (ENTR:4460)

Complex issues of business operations in a global economy; trade transactions related to importing and exporting, logistics, and ethical issues in international trade; global business management, global marketing, global supply chain management, and trade finance; preparation for work in global marketplace and for the Certified Global Business Professional certification exam offered by the North American Small Business International Trade Educators. Prerequisite: MGMT:3100 or ENTR:2000 or THTR:3520 or GEOG:2910. (3 s.h.)

Arts Leadership Seminar (ENTR:4510)

Performing arts management and administrative principles, practical applications, and trends in arts leadership and advocacy. Prerequisites: THTR:3510 or ENTR:2000 or THTR:3520. Same as DPA:4510, INTD:4510, THTR:4510. (3 s.h.)

Academic Internship (ENTR:4900)

Professional internship experience with academic credit (e.g., paper, coursework). (1-3 s.h.)

Dynamics of Negotiations (MGMT:4100)

Predictable aspects and dynamics of bargaining experiences; simulations, experiential exercises to foster skills needed for effective negotiation in almost any situation. Requirements: 90 s.h. completed. (3 s.h.)


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