Deliwe Makata

Deliwe Alipo Makata

Lilomgwe, Malawi

Makata has more than five years of experience in social and economic empowerment. Currently, Makata is director of Women Inspire, which uses capacity building to enable women, youth, and girls to realize their potential and actively participate in their social and economic development and that of their communities. She is also engineering the establishment of Swift Capital, which will provide financial growth and development opportunities to individuals and entities through financial education, access to affordable credit, and sound saving opportunities. Makata holds a bachelor of arts in humanities from the University of Malawi. She is committed to ensuring that individuals are capacitated and empowered to be socially and financially resilient in contributing to Malawi’s growth. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Makata plans to grow Women Inspire and Swift Capital by using tailor-made sustainable and community-driven solutions to answer the social and economic needs of Malawi and all of Africa.