Abbey MWF

Abbevi Elie Abbey

Lome, Togo

Abbey has more than eight years experience as a medical doctor and six years experience as an eye care professional. He is founder of Groupe Médical Précyeux, an eye clinic in Lomé. He also founded Association Précyeux, which provides eye care to vulnerable populations. Abbevi is chief physician at the Medical’Social Center of the University of Lomé, and eye surgeon at the Centre Ophtalmologique Jean-Paul II, where he performs more than 500 surgeries annually. Abbevi, a trainer in the Lomé Cataract Surgery Training Program run by Lumière Divine and Mercy Ships, is one of the surgeons on the Mercy Ships Mana Messe project, which aims to operate on at least 2,000 cataracts annually in rural areas. A member of the National Council of Physicians of Togo, Abbey is committed to improving private medical practice in Togo. After receiving his specialized studies in ophthalmology degree, Abbey enrolled in a certificate program in business administration at the University of Lomé. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Abbey plans to continue to make his medical group essential to ophthalmology in West Africa by innovating in care and technology.