Venture School Battle

Watch as Venture School participants compete for a chance to win $20,000 in total cash prizes.

As Christmas break approaches, but the gloom and doom of finals week is getting you down, take a break and come watch thirteen teams compete for a chance to win $20,000 in total cash prizes. The tournament style competition begins at 10:00am with three active rooms until noon when the three winning teams from the first round go onto the finals. While you watch the finalists pitch their companies to the crowd you can enjoy a nice hot meal, complimentary of the University Club. While the first round is decided by the judges, the final round depends on who YOU believe should win the grand prize of $10,000, runner-up with $6,000, and second runner-up with $4,000.

December 17 at the University Club, Iowa City

The teams competing are as follows:

Immortagen – Combines tumor banking for the patient with predictive algorithms to enhance personalized cancer treatment.

Ellison Eyewear – An art inspired, socially drive, premium eyewear brand. Designing and manufacturing handmade eyewear from Greece.

Iowa Adaptive Technologies – IAT develops unique solution for care providers to facilitate patient-provider communication among impaired patients.

Spectator, LLC – A sports information company, whose purpose is to maximize the usability and accessibility of high school sports information.

Systems Prognostic, LLC – A new startup whose initial product under development is a multiple myeloma decision support system.

The ArtiFactory – A space that is being developed by Arts Iowa City in which to learn and practice visual arts and fine craft in a community of artisans.

Ovolv3 – Bringing sustainability to the forefront of people’s minds. We simplify the tedious processes that come with going green and make sustainable living an option for everyone by making it more accessible.

Yotopia Frozen Yogurt – “Iowa City’s Original FroYo,” is a self-serve frozen yogurt company with two location: downtown Iowa City and North Liberty. The yogurt provided is packed with live and active probiotic cultures, which aid in digestion and immunity.

C-Innovations, LLC – An app that provides a statistical analysis of the risk in currency fluctuations to help users predict foreign cash flows.

Swvl Shkr, LLC – A combined seasoning shaker that allows the consumer to pour out on seasoning, the other, or both simultaneously. Its applications are endless.

Infondrian, LLC – Provides innovative software solution to monitor patient treatment, detect treatment errors, and optimize clinical workflows in radiation therapy.

Speeko – Public speaking matters. Be at your best with this speech analysis and personalized feedback.

Western Wise – For Chinese students planning to study in western countries, Western Wise accelerates academic success through one-on-one, customized online tutoring, academic counseling, and language preparation.

Take a break from studying, tests and stress to come watch a great competition with delicious food provided!

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