Iowa JPEC Ambassadors

"Being an Iowa JPEC Ambassador has given me an opportunity to improve my personal brand and give back to the Center that has taught me so much."

Eric Pahl

Health Informatics, PhD - Spring 2020


The Ambassador Program is comprised of 10-12 Iowa JPEC students who represent the entrepreneurial center to the community, University of Iowa student body and prospective students. The Ambassadors promote the Iowa JPEC programs through a variety of University of Iowa events, community events, and social media.


  • Students can choose to be an ambassador as an extracurricular activity, or to receive 1 s.h. of credit per semester you serve, up to 3 s.h., by writing a final paper about the program
  • Network with high profile alumni
  • Meet distinguished guest speakers
  • Assist with event production


As an Iowa JPEC ambassador, you will be expected to assist with the social media presence of Iowa JPEC, as well as Iowa JPEC events. Social media duties will consist of raising awareness for and promoting events. During the execution of these events, you will be asked to help out in various capacities, including set up, event coordination, and tear down.


Students will be selected each semester through an application and by meeting the following criteria:

  1. Currently UI Sophomore, Junior or Senior
  2. Enrolled in one of Iowa JPEC’s academic programs OR student programs
  3. Completed at least one of the following courses: 06T:120 (06T:125), 06J:125, 06J:130, 06J:131, 06T:133, 06T:134, 06T:150, or 06J:156
  4. Minimum GPA: 2.75 in entrepreneurial program
  5. One year commitment

*Students will be selected from a wide variety of majors and colleges

How to Apply

Applications will open again in August 2017 for the upcoming academic year.