Iowa Innovation Associates

Iowa Innovation Associates

Please note: The IIA program is at capacity for the summer 2017 program and is no longer accepting client applications. Please check back in fall 2017  for more information on our summer 2018 program.

The Iowa Innovation Associates (IIA) summer internship program provides ‘real-world’ experience to qualifying University of Iowa JPEC undergraduate students pursuing a degree or certificate in entrepreneurial studies.

Employers participating in the IIA summer internship program will be forwarded relevant student resumes for their review. Employers will then interview and potentially hire prospective Iowa JPEC undergraduate candidates. Iowa JPEC will then award a matching wage grant of $7.50/hr. to qualifying employers. The employers will provide an additional $7.50/hr. of the  wage, for a total intern wage of $15/hr. minus taxes and withholding, for which the employer is responsible.

Internships will take place over a 10 week period during the summer in which the intern can be assigned to work up to 40 hours per week. Maximum reimbursement per employer is $3,000, or 400 intern hours, whether for one intern or several. Weekly activity and time reports from the student and employer are required to be submitted. Students can work on-site, or remotely, depending on the job description and employer requirements.

Businesses must be a small business with under 20 employees, an entrepreneur or startup. Iowa JPEC is available to work with interested employers to assist in developing a position description and duties with the appropriate professional and career components to qualify as an internship with the program.

Resume books will be forwarded to employers qualifying for the IIA program upon request.

Students can apply by submitting their resumes to the Iowa JPEC IIA Summer Internship Program posting and then clicking on the student portal for “HireaHawk” and searching internship postings for Iowa JPEC IIA Summer Internship Program.

Examples of potential student projects and duties include:

  • Project development
  • Project management
  • Market research
  • Technology commercialization
  • Product design
  • Social media marketing, and
  • Software development

Employers interested in hiring Iowa JPEC students for summer internships, but not qualifying for the IIA program, and employers/students with questions on the IIA program, please contact Phil Jordan at