Business Model Competition – University of Iowa Affiliate

Business Model Competition – University of Iowa Affiliate

The University of Iowa’s John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center ( Iowa JPEC) announces the 2015 University of Iowa Business Model Competition with $20,000 in total cash prizes! This business model competition is open to all University of Iowa Undergraduate and Graduate Students.

Competition Description:

The Business Model Competition (BMC) is based on a new way of thinking about the entrepreneurship process. This competition allows participants to identify and test their business assumptions EARLY in order to make changes to their ideas so that the end result is fail-proof. Participants will provide a brief overview of their startup’s story from the initial idea to the current stage of the startup. Questions participants will answer include: What were the assumptions in your original business idea? How did you test them? How did you respond to those tests? What has been the result? Ultimately, the BMC is a presentation on your start-ups entire journey, not just its current state.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The UI BMC is open to UI Undergraduate/ Graduate Students
  • Student participants must be taking at least 6 s.h. and in pursuit of a 4 year degree.
  • Teams may be comprised of one (1) to five (5) members
  • The BMC team presenting must have played a major role in creating the venture
  • Members of the presenting team must hold 20% or more of the total equity in the venture and hold 50% or more of the total equity allocated to the management team
  • Non-United States citizens who are unable to legally operate a business in the United States are ineligible to receive prize money but are welcome to participate in the competition for feedback.