Competition Advice: Rose Francis Elevator Pitch

Advice from the competition mentors

JPEC Student IdeaStorm, November 19, 2013For all of you out there working on and perfecting your elevator pitch at a chance to win the Rose Francis competition, take a look at these tips that the mentors believe will give you a good chance at winning.

    Use the 5 C’s to help you get through the competition.
    Clear – Make sure the judges understand what your idea is.
    Concise – Keep is short and simply. Mention the aspects of your idea that will solve a certain problem.
    Correct – Get your facts straight!
    Complete – Don’t leave them on a cliff hanger. Give them the whole enchilada.
    Compelling – Grab their attention. Make them feel like they NEED your idea in their life.
    Show how the product will get from point A to point B. From innovation, production and marketing what’s going on with the product? What specifically do you need to do to get your product ready ‘for sale’?
    Be ready for the failures that you may have to overcome. Don’t put yourself in a seat where you don’t realize what may happen because you just don’t want to think about that horrible possibility. Be prepared if things don’t go as planned and have a back-up.


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