Entrepreneurship Class Events

Entrepreneurship Class Events


Iowa JPEC hosts many events throughout the year that are open to all University of Iowa students. To learn more about upcoming events, visit our events calendar.


University of Iowa students enrolled in entrepreneurship (ENTR) course(s) are REQUIRED to attend out-of-the-classroom activities in order to build your professional network and expand your understanding of entrepreneurship.


The events listed below are the approved events for out-of-the-classroom participation. Some require an RSVP, others do not. Iowa JPEC will be using a swipe-in and swipe-out software program where you will need to scan your student ID when you arrive at the event and scan your student ID when you leave the event. *Students who attend but forget to scan in or scan out their ID will not receive any points for attending the event.

*If you are taking one entrepreneurship class, you need to attend THREE events; if you are taking two entrepreneurship classes, you will need to attend SIX events; if you are taking three or more entrepreneurship classes or are a remote student, please contact your instructor to determine requirements for out-of-the-classroom participation. There will be no double counting for events.

Scheduling Conflicts: If you are unable to meet the event requirement with the events listed below, you need to talk to your instructor about attending an extra credit event to count as a regular required event AND/OR arranging an outside event to count as a required event with your instructor’s approval.

After attending each event, you will need to write a one-to-two-page paper covering the following:

  • What were three key takeaways from the presentation or event?
  • What did you hear or experience that challenged or surprised you?
  • What was most impactful (i.e. thing(s) that you will remember and benefit from while in college and as you start your career)?
  • What recommendations do you have to make the event more valuable for students and/or suggestions for future speakers or events?
  • List the names and contact information of at least three new people you met at the event and explain how they will fit into your network.

**Papers should be uploaded to ICON within 10 days of attending the event.

**We will not check-in students more than 5 minutes after the event starts or check-out students until the event is officially over including the Q&A portion. 

1 Million Cups (1MC)
9:00am-10:00am at MidWest One Bank downtown Iowa City in the basement

*Students are allowed to attend ONE of the 1 Million Cups events per entrepreneurship class to receive course credit.*

Wednesday, February 1 (past event)
Wednesday, February 15 (past event)
Wednesday, March 1 (past event)
Wednesday, March 29 (past event)
Wednesday, April 12 (past event)

No RSVP required, however space is limited to 80 students and is strictly available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Wednesday, February 8 from 6-8 pm in S401 Pappajohn Business Building

Oscar Salazar (Founding CTO of UBER) Summerwill Lecture
Monday, February 13 at 7:30 pm in the Main Lounge of the Iowa Memorial Union (IMU)

Iowa Startup Games Final Pitches
Sunday, February 26 from 2-5 pm in the McCord Indoor Press Box of Kinnick Stadium, Gate D

Cuban Native Dr. Raúl Rodriguez Talk 
Friday, March 24 at 1:00 pm in S401 Pappajohn Business Building

Neri Oxman Lecture – “Everything is Connected”
Thursday, April 20, Time 7:30 pm in the Main Lounge of the Iowa Memorial Union (IMU)

Hawkeye Innovation Expo 
Friday, April 21
12:00-1:00pm Entrepreneurship Panel Lunch (limited space) in the Iowa Memorial Union (IMU)
2:30-4:30pm Innovation Expo in the Iowa Memorial Union (IMU)


Hawkeye Innovation Expo 
Friday, April 21 from 1:15pm – 2:30pm
Breakout Session #1 & 2 — must attend both to receive extra credit for a class approved by your instructor

Students may earn extra credit in this course by attending additional external speaking and networking events that are either JPEC-sponsored events or non-JPEC sponsored events that are pre-approved by your instructor.  Extra credit may only be earned AFTER a student has fully met the Networking assignment requirements for this class.

After attending an event, students will need to write a two-page paper covering the same questions as required events. Papers must be uploaded to ICON within 10 days of attending the event.

Option two: Students may also earn extra credit by interviewing a non-family member entrepreneur and submitting a two-page synopsis of the interview.  The paper should include the following:

  • Overview of the launch of the business – i.e. when and why was it started
  • Brief description of the products/services offered
  • Market position – i.e. who is their target customer, how do they attract customers, how do they differentiate themselves from the competition, etc.
  • Biggest challenge(s) facing the entrepreneur and business
  • How do they measure success and what accomplishments are they most proud of
  • Advice the entrepreneur has for others interested in starting a business
  • Contact information for the entrepreneur